Saturday, October 9, 2010


OK, my participation in the official 24 hour comics day was a flu-induced train wreck. Now I am flu-free and full of caffeine, and ready to make another go of it. Will I succeed? only time will tell...

What I have so far, my list of "audience suggestions" from the fabulous Infinite Improbability Drive widget at the H2G2 Wiki site:

Non-geographic numbers
...Tractor Pulls
Organic Food
The Berlin Airlift
Eddie Irvine, Formula One driver
Sauna Whisk (Finnish skin care / exfoliation)
Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland, UK (farming village famous for raspberry growing)
Malaysian Teapot Worship - The Ayah Pin Cult
the Higgs boson (Particle Physics - a hypothetical particle, yet to be detected, which explains why other particles have mass)
William Dampier - Pirate, Explorer and Naturalist

 and the resulting story thread so far:

There is a rivalry between Farmer Brown and Old MacDonald.
Old Mac has one of every kind of animal. One, very virile male of every animal, and a successful stud service. Old Mac is an animal pimp. He also has a kid at CERN, who has managed to detect and harness the
elusive Higgs boson. Because of ...this, they have pimped up their ride (tractor) and can control its mass, which makes it nigh-on invincible at the tractor pulls.
Farmer Brown, he has a dog. Of course. He also has a boutique organic produce farm. And he has a secret weapon...

I will continue to incorporate as much of the original suggestion list as I can, and post the results to my DeviantART gallery at

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