Saturday, May 7, 2011

A quickie for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Hey, friends. Sorry I didn't post last month. I was too busy drawing to write about what I was drawing! Details on that coming soon to a blog near you.

As for today, this weekend is the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Tons of fabulous events and exhibitors, and general good times for all. Check out their site for full details.

One fun little piece of trivia is that I actually do have some artwork there.

Nothing fancy, but as an occasional participant in the Toronto Comic Jam I had a chance to contribute to their 2011 anthology. The topic was "TTC" and the premise was that each contributor would pick a subway station and create a story about it.

I picked Dundas because it's close to where I work and therefore very familiar to me. And being more of a pictures person than a words person, I teamed up with a co-worker from my day job (Sandra Herve for those of you keeping score) to write the script. We teamed up a bit on the basic plot, because I wanted to give a bit of direction to the type of story I was going to draw. We ended up with quite a nice, happy, and positive story. It was a fun little side project. Here's a preview of page 1.

So, hey, if you find yourself in the neighbourhood of the Toronto Reference Library this weekend, check out the TCAF. And if you find yourself checking out the TCAF, check out the Toronto Comic Jam table.

Good, fun times, right?

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