Monday, November 26, 2012

Drawing all the things

So, apart from doing some local conventions and shows (which I probably won't be doing any more, because it makes me cranky) I've been busy drawing lots of things.

UysFaber held an artist contest for their SunDragon title, and I did a couple of designs for that, which you can check out at their site.

I've been going to lots of life drawings, mostly Toons on Tap and The Drawing Room, and have kept up my daily sketch challenge sketches every weekday and anatomy studies on the weekends. I've been doing that so much that most of it isn't even scanned  because I haven't had the time.

Steampunk Vixens is chugging steadily along, with new updates every Friday. (Vixens Vendredi!)

I've done a few small commissions, and still have a couple left on my "to do" list before I'm ready to take on any more.

I've finished a couple of line art that I don't completely hate, so that's progress.
Wonder Woman flying

And apart from that, I'm working on a 12-page story for Steampunk Originals, not sure what would come of that but if nothing else I'll have a nice set of sequentials and some fun new designs in my portfolio.

So, all in all, keeping busy and trying to stay productive.

Speaking of which, I have a few commissions to finish, and some comic pages to lay out.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another appearance!

My next post will be about stuff I'm working on, honest. I've been keeping busy. But for today, it's just a quick post to say I have a dealer table at the November comicon happening today at the Royal York hotel in Toronto. I'll be selling prints and sketches.